AquaLoop at the 10th Fish Congress

Fish Congress is the largest convention of the Polish fish industry. The conference program includes presentations on wide range of topics related to fish processing technology, the future of aquaculture, marketing and promotion, sustainable fisheries and certification, as well as European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. 

This year the conference took place on 19th-20th June in Sopot and gathered over 250 participants and 29 presenters from various areas of fishery and aquaculture sectors, including Hanna Łądkowska from the University of Gdansk, presenting AquaLoop project, pilot, training and supporting activities in the project and communicating potential cooperation with fishery and aquaculture business representatives.   

We hope for further cooperation with the conference participants!

We would also like to thank Fish Congress organizer: MPR Publishing House Ltd for inviting AquaLoop for presentation and congratulate a very fruitful and successful 10th anniversary conference.

Photo credit: MPR Publishing House Ltd

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