It’s time for a catfish – success and good practice at NUTRITION & FOOD

We are thrilled to announce that after AquaLoop study visit to Nutrition & Food (DE), AquaLoop associated partner, we published an article on circular catfish production in Nutrition & Food land-based RAS facilities.

The article prepared by partners from the University of Gdańsk, PL and Fish Market Development Association, PL has been published in Polish, since it was published by Magazyn Przemysłu Rybnego (Fishing Industry Magazine), one of the most important magazines for the fishing sector in Poland, directed to Polish stakeholders from the fishery and aquaculture sector. The magazien is responsible for communication and dissemination of all the major information in fishery and aquaculture sector, not only by publishing but also organisation of stakeholder meetings and conferences, including Fish Congress, the largest convention of the Polish fish industry. 

We hope that the story from Nutrition & Food will be inspiring for Polish producers.

AquaLoop report from Nature & Food study visit with information about Nutrition & Food, part of Bioenergie Lüchow GmbH & Co. KG, and circular catfish farming and processing can be found here.

More on the circular catfish production, and inspirations for the products and recipes on the Nutrition & Food webpage:

Pora na suma — sukces i dobra praktyka hodowli Nutrition & Food (POL) – It’s time for A catfish – success and good practice at NUTRITION & FOOD