The already famous FishGlassHouse at the University of Rostock – AquaLoop study tour

Aquaponic production at the University of Rostock (DE), Lead partner in AquaLoop project, combines African catfish aquaculture with plants breeding. The fish are farmed in the recirculating aquaculture systems, whereas plants are grown on fish metabolic products. In addition to the annual fish production of 3 to 5 tons, a variety of different aquaponic questions are investigated in order to be able to use the dissolved nutrients sustainably and efficiently. 

The process can be monitored and processed scientifically at the University of Rostock, since FishGlassHouse is situated at the university campus, and then transferred to the commercial sector. Since aquaponics is considered as one of the most promising innovative and sustainable food production technology the advanced research at the University of Rostock has a huge potential for the aquaculture and agriculture sectors.

It was a great pleasure to sea the facility together with other AquaLoop partners to get inspiration for further circular cross-activities.

FishGlassHouse Video

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