Danish Seaweed network – training and networking opportunity

In the mid January AquaLop took part in Marine Bioproducts and salmon sidestreams webinar, great inspiration for AquaLoop activities, including topics related to seaweed for gut health, seafood processing, microalgae for precision nutrition, and development of salmon products from side-streams.

The webinar was organised by the Danish seaweed network, The seaweed network works to strengthen cooperation on research, development, cultivation, collection and dissemination of seaweed-related topics on a factual and professional solid foundation.

Members: The seaweed network consists of approx. 500 people in Denmark who work with or have an interest in seaweed. The members come from a wide range of industries, universities, authorities, organisations, groups and private individuals who all work with or have an interest in seaweed.

Activities : In order to live up to the association’s objectives, members’ meetings are organized under the auspices of the Seaweed Network with various seaweed-related topics, company visits, excursions with the possibility of collecting and determining seaweed species. In addition, newsletters are sent out and relevant information is posted on the association’s website, Tangnet.dk.

Information and meetings take place in Danish unless otherwise stated.  

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